Kim Carroll

GONE BABY GONE [Featured Musician]



I got a call to come down to studio as quickly as possible as the director was coming over in a few hours. I loaded up a rather large electric guitar rig (pedal board, analog tape delays etc.) acoustic guitars, and a few other instruments as I wasn't sure what was needed. It was a bit rushed getting setup and the plan was for me to record an electric guitar part played with an ebow, ideally before Ben arrived. By the time I was ready the phone rang to announce Ben was coming up the stairs, and when we went to check the levels on the electric guitar there was nothing to be heard. 

We didn't have time to trouble shoot, so I grabbed the nearest thing to me (an acoustic guitar) - plugged straight into the preamp and grabbed an ebow, right as Ben walked in the door with his entourage. Needless to say all were impressed by hearing an acoustic guitar played in such an unconventional way ;)