Rogue River Flyfishing

Growing up in the countryside in Ireland, you eventually run out of things to do. Fishing was a way for me to engage with nature without having to rely on others for a good time. I started fishing with a split cane fly rod my grandfather gave me and managed to break it on my second cast. Not knowing there were other ways to catch fish I took the fly rod to get looked at and ended up with another fly rod instead. This is how I learned to fish. Recently my friends Rich and Liz Pembroke invited my wife and I to join them in Oregon to go fly-fishing with a guide on the Rogue River. I'd never fished with a guide before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Turns out you drink whiskey after catching your first fish..

p.s My guide for the day (Keith) was incredible, and also happens to hand make some of the finest fly rods around. Check them out at

Kim Carroll