Martha's Vineyard

It was a last minute decision to visit Martha's Vineyard. To be honest I wasn't too keen on the idea, mostly because I had decided that the Vineyard was not going to live up to my expectations of it. 

We rented a car at Boston airport but couldn’t book the Vineyard ferry in advance as the Port Authority requires a car model and license plate to reserve the ferry. When we got to our hotel in Cape Cod we went to check the ferry schedule for the following day, and the only availability left was for the 6 a.m. ferry. It was midnight, and we were an hour from the ferry terminal at Woods Hole. 

Maybe because we were on the island before breakfast, or the hotel was nicer than the photos. Or the coffee shops and cafe's had better than average food, but I couldn’t deny it - we were having a good time. Three days later by the time we had heard James Taylor’s brother sing, and seen the llamas get their annual shearing, and met with a local artist whose family had been on the island for eight generations we had made up our minds to make this an annual tradition. Go figure! 

Kim Carroll