Totality - Oregon 2017

I am sitting in my hotel room in Ashland Oregon as the rest of my photos load and still trying to grasp the full extent of the eclipse I witnessed this morning in Willamette Valley Oregon. As the sky started turning almost completely dark I was overwhelmed by the profound beauty of nature we get to experience. Across the valley from where I was situated were about 1300 people at a winery but in the hundred acre Vineyard from where I was photographing from was just myself and Bernardo, a worker in the vineyards who didn't speak english. I found myself shouting in Spanish, English and probably a few words in Irish, until the sun was completely covered and as it went dark and I was silenced. It's hard to convey the primal setting that unfolded in words. Perhaps music will have an answer.. Here's some of the photos I took during totality.

Kim Carroll