February in Dominican Republic

The Columbus Lighthouse in Santo Domingo contains the remains of Christopher Columbus. When we went to visit we were told they no longer turn the lights on as they couldn't afford to pay the electricity bill. I'm not too surprised as the monument's lighthouse-style features projecting beams of light, forming a cross shape, which are so powerful they can be seen from neighboring Puerto Rico.

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Calle el Conde is the oldest commercial street in the city of Santo Domingo. El Conde runs through the center of the colonial city in Santo Domingo. It's pedestrian street is full of shops, small squares, hotels, restaurants and tourist places. But is contrasted due to the large number of abandoned buildings. Speed chess is a popular pastime on the streets, and they take the game seriously.

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Andreas likes to hunt for clams. On any given day he spends between 6 to 8 hours knee-deep in water with a small machete type blade searching for clams. At the end of the day he collects about 4 to 500 clams and sells them to the local restaurants in the North of the Dominican Republic. He was gracious enough to allow me to shoot some photos as he worked.

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When we pulled into the small town of Luperon in Northern Dominican Republic last Friday night you would have thought Carnivale was in full swing. Horses, motorbikes, and music to deafen you were the first things to greet us. The food to follow was just as exciting...

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Pigeon photobomb..

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I think it has to be because sunsets often have all the colors in the spectrum that we keep coming back to them. Or is it because they merge warm and cold colors? This is what I told myself as I waded into the sea to shoot the birds...

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Kim Carroll